Omologato Watches makes a watch for Ferrari Formula 1 team fans

TIFOSI – head

Motor racing-themed watchmaker Omologato Watches has launched a collection called #TIFOSI, a term associated with fanatical fans of the Ferrari Formula 1 team.

The collection comes in a number of designs that pay homage to famous racing names including Stuttgart, Hethel, R, Weissach and Fiorano.

There are five designs of the £149 watch, each in a 40mm stainless steel case on a range of double-layered nylon NATO straps.

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Omologato founder Shami Kalra said: “We are delighted to launch the new #TIFOSI watch. It is a truly affordable and durable timepiece, which we designed in a number of different styles to accommodate all audiences. It is a watch bespoke to you.

“Deriving its name from the Prancing Horses’ legions of fans, the #TIFOSI was a truly apt title to give to the people who wear our watches and share their travels of motor sport events from race circuits and car meets around the world. We are all #TIFOSI.”

TIFOSI - R TIFOSI - Hethel Omologato Tifosi


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  1. The single worst company I have ever dealt with. I very strongly advise that you avoid them.

    Had my watch repaired by them due to a manufacturing fault at their end – the hands were bent and were scratching each other. The repair took FIVE AND A HALF MONTHS and I had to call them almost every week because they kept forgetting about it.

    Eventually the hands were fixed, but they had left dirt inside the watch, on the face of the dial. I had to send it to them two more times for them to ‘repair’ it, and it still isn’t sorted.

    They have now blocked and ignored all contact from me and still refuse to reimburse me for repeat return postage costs that they had said they would cover.

    They have been an absolutely horrendous nightmare to deal with and have shocking quality control.

    Do not buy from them, because as soon as it goes wrong, it goes incredibly wrong.

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