MEDINI fuses formal and daily wear with its Sovereign

One of which is the Sovereign, a watch which has been designed to fuse both daily and formal wear into a single piece.

Based in Dubai, MEDINI WATCH COMPANY prides itself on its classically designed wristwatches.

One of which is the Sovereign, a watch which has been designed to fuse both daily and formal wear into a single piece.

Housing a Swiss-made Ronda 715 Quartz movement, encased in high-quality 316L stainless steel and AR coated sapphire glass, MEDINI has designed the Sovereign to be a companion all the way from the skies down to underwater depths of up to 50 meters.

WatchPro’s Alex Douglas has been luckily enough to test one out and it is fair to say it did not disappoint.

In terms of delivering on exactly what it says on the tin, the design of the dial is the first thing to catch the eye.

The elegant silver dial, which I went for, seems to be the right fit for any occasion and, in collaboration with a choice of straps, can be made to be the right fit for different tastes as well.


This is the beauty of the ATELIER DE MEDINI system deployed on the brand’s website. It allows the customer to go in and completely customise the watch they want.  A customisation tool typically seen on car or clothing sites, is refreshingly been designed and executed very intuitively.  This is one of the brand’s main USP’s which it hopes to keep refining both from a functionality as well as level of customisation standpoint – a choice between movements is on the cards perhaps? Something the brand currently does not allow – all watches currently come with standard movements.

However, the experience of picking your dial, strap, and packaging color really puts the power of choice in the customers hands.

With the options of black, brown, ivory and ruby, it is possible that within the single Sovereign offering, a number of variations can be made and matched to any person’s tastes and choice of occasion.

Again, I was fortunate enough to test out both the brown and ruby straps, both of which looked and felt fantastic, with great wearability, durability and most important of all, a fantastic luxury look.


The final step in the ATELIER experience, is MEDINI’s uniquely designed watch cover.  Made out of very fine material and protected by a solid brass zip, this watch cover is available in 8 different colors and in my opinion, is a massive USP for the brand.

Receiving the watch in this perfectly crafted packaging, really does set the brand aside when it comes to its unboxing experience.  More than this, storing the watch becomes immediately easier – better than the boxes that most watches typically come with.  The experience of receiving and unboxing a MEDINI trully gives you a comforting feeling with regards to value for the price you are paying.  The Sovereign is currently priced at USD $250 and available on the brand’s site.


Not only does the product arrive in a wooden effect, very sturdy box, the feel-good factor is further accentuated by the cover and its ultra-luxe feel – and since you pick the colors the feeling is slightly more ultra-personal.

All-in-all, the Sovereign, alongside the Celeritas, the other watch in MEDINI is offering, has enabled the brand to cover all angles in terms of design and appetite, setting it up for future success as it continues to grow.

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