Laings reopens in Cardiff with Patek Philippe anchoring the showroom

An artist's impression of the new Laings in Cardiff.

Laings has secured rights to sell Patek Philippe from its newly refurbished showroom in Cardiff, making it the only authorised dealer in Wales.

It becomes a third Laings store to offer Patek Philippe, joining its flagships in Glasgow and Southampton.

“Our relationship with Laings has been nurtured for almost 20 years, based on some of the same values we share such as independence and service. Expanding our presence in the UK at Laings Cardiff just reflects the success of our business partnership which has been built via commitment and trust,” says Adrian Lurshay, UK managing director of Patek Philippe.

Laings Cardiff has trebled in size following a major refurbishment and also offers watches from Omega, IWC, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Chopard and Longines alongside a dedicated diamond and jewellery area.

Drawings of how the upgraded Cardiff showroom will look.

The store, situated in Cardiff’s St David’s Centre, is designed to take customers on a journey of discovery with watch and jewellery experts and 5-star hospitality.

“As a longstanding partner of Patek Philippe, it is an honour for Laings to be able to offer clientele in Wales the opportunity to explore the unrivalled craftsmanship of this iconic brand. This partnership will cater to the watch enthusiasts of Wales, who will no longer need to travel outside the country to access this esteemed brand. The showroom is right in the heart of the capital city and our expanded presence means we can give the brands we represent the stage to shine. We pride ourselves on the customer experience and exceptional service we offer, and we can’t wait to showcase the historic Genevan complications and evolutionary innovation that lie at the heart of the Swiss brand when we unveil our new showroom next month,” says Stuart McDowell, retail director of Laings.

When Laings of Glasgow acquired Laing The Jeweller and Parkhouse The Jeweller in 2017, the stated aim was to create a unified national retail brand with showrooms in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Southampton and Cardiff.

Coverage across Scotland, England and Wales would allow Laings to launch national campaigns for a single luxury retail brand.

The transformation that began in 2017 is being supercharged over the next two years with Laings investing £10 million into elevating and expanding its five multibrand showrooms in four cities.

Laings says it is expecting to grow its team by up to 25%. Accounts for 2020 showed the company had 162 employees, a number likely to rise to 200.

“A key aim of the multi-layered expansion is to attract talent to the industry, with Laings recruiting across all areas of the business,” the company says.




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