Kickstarter brand hopes to launch watch that “isn’t about accuracy”


Marloe Watch Company goes against the trend with its latest timepiece, sporting a central rotating disk to tell the time and no conventional hands.

Marloe’s sub-brand Optik Instruments is launching itself and its Horizon piece on Kickstarter near the end of February, with the hope of raising the funds for the £199 rotating disk watch.

“The Horizon doesn’t display the time second by second, or even minute by minute. Instead it shows the main way-points in each hour; quarter past, half-past and quarter-to the hour. We already use the terminology to convey the time to others, such as “it’s just gone half-past” or “it’s almost midday.” Optik Instruments translates this shorthand method to a wristwatch,” the brand says.

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“The Horizon can be read in any of three ways depending on how accurately you need the time; the first is broadly using the horizon position, something you will get accustomed to the more you use the Horizon. The second is using the main way-points to more closely read the time – main hours and the half-hour dots. The last is using all the reference markings to gauge more precisely what the time is.”

This steel watch also boasts a 5-year warranty and 100m water resistance.

The Horizon campaign will go live on Kickstarter on Tuesday 27th February.


  1. I vote for a watch that enhance your personality. Almost every watch is giving accuracy but a machine that can give great personality is something i like 😉

  2. This may be a technological marvel, but it hints at requiring a degree in astrophysics just to tell the time. I prefer elegance.

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