Healthy start to 2014 for Swiss watch exports


The latest export figures from the Swiss watch industry show that 2014 is off to promising start for watch sales.

January figures from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry show exports worth CHF 1.6billion up 5.6% on the previous year. The value was largely attributed to 2.2million wristwatches worth 1.472billion CHF. Other products including movements, components and clocks worth 92.1million were also exported.

Demand for bi-metal and ‘other material’ watches was high increasing the value of those sectors and while fewer steel and ‘other metal’ watches sold, those that did appeared to be higher value pieces also helping to boost the value of those sectors.


Demand for gold watches by markedly down although the value of the sector remained almost unchanged from January 2013.

There was strong demand from the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Japan compared to the previous year whilst the value of exports heading to Hong Kong and Germany both slipped.


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