Harrods London reopening: Shop to use footfall monitoring tech and open outlet to sell Spring stock


Harrods London has announced it will reopen on June 15, with social distancing measures in place to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

The flagship Knightsbridge store has said that it will utilise footfall monitoring technology in order to limit the number of shoppers in the building.


Additionally, Harrods will debut an outlet dedicated to selling its surplus of Spring stock.

The outlet will be in its new West London store, which will remain closed until July but has been designed with social distancing in mind.

Outlet items will also be available online.

Harrods managing director, Michael Ward, said in a statement: “In the new world in which we find ourselves, the economy needs businesses willing to look at its business model and current operations and think differently to enable growth, while protecting its customers and employees.

“Our focus has been on getting our Knightsbridge store back to what it does best: serving our customers, supporting our brand partners and bringing new and exciting experiences to those who pass through our doors.

“The outlet allows us to enable better social distancing across a larger footprint, move towards the new season decisively and confidently, and retail in a responsible way.

“Harrods has always sought to find creative solutions and has never been afraid to take the unexpected route.”

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