$GME Diamond Hands offered exclusive deal at Delray Watch


Delray Watch is offering $GME Diamond Hands an exclusive deal.

In keeping up with the latest in the stock market saga, the US-based watch firm is offering Gamestop traders an exclusive deal.


The duo behind the company confirmed that DelrayWatch.com will give $100 off any pre-owned watch order until the end of this week.

All the customer has to do is show they currently own Gamestop $GME stock.

Clarifying the reason behind the move, co-founder Federico Iossa, said: “We are not against any financial institution, but as a small independently-owned company we like to stand with the ‘little guy.”

Click here to head to the site, or see below for WatchPro’s exclusive Q&A with the firm from last year:

QUICKFIRE Q&A: John Pietrasz, co-founder of Delray Watch and Vault 303


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