GALLERY: World Time UK reveals 2020 expansion plans after successful third year return

Image Credit: James Kennedy Photography

World Time UK opened the doors on its third annual show in the Sofitel Hotel at London’s Heathrow this weekend.

Speaking to those exhibiting at Saturday’s event, which included the likes of Oris, Formex, Christopher Ward and Bremont among others, WatchPro discovered how the feeling was increasingly positive about the growth of the event.


This year’s show increased to 42 exhibitors from nearly half as many the year before, a growth co-organisers Colin Weaver and Andreas S. Gregoriades want to build on.

He told WatchPro that for next year’s show, set to be held on September 26th at the same location, expansion plans had already been agreed, allowing for an additional 10-15 exhibitors, taking the total to around 45.

The show’s history dates back to 2017, but the actual idea dates back nearly 8 years to 2011 when the Diver’s Watches Facebook group was set up.

Initially, the group, now at over 50,000 members, grew very quickly, meaning members began to organise get-togethers as a means of meeting personally.

In the three years since the event launch, it has continued to grow and become more popular. Weaver went on to describe how, if logistically possible, further expansion either next year or for 2021, means he can grow the event to hold around 75 exhibitors and subsequently host more attendees.

Organisers also described how the expansion will be part of a move to alleviate the problem of having to turn exhibitors away.

Weaver said: “The demand for display areas/tables this year was so great and the slots sold so fast that more than a dozen brands did not book early enough to secure a place at the event, which is something we apologise for.”

Adding: “We hope further expansion will solve future disappointment but I would say that booking early for the 2020 event will avoid disappointment.”


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