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G-Shock watches shadow Japanese Ninjas

Channel your inner Ninja with this trio of G-Shock digital watches.

G-Shock is tiptoeing in the footsteps of Japan’s legendary Ninja stealth warriors with the release of three models that have shuriken ninja star accents on the dial, backlight, band loop, and case back.

Each watch takes inspiration from a different ninjutsu, the legendary skills that are the art of the Ninja.

Details will be unfamiliar to those with less than an obsessive knowledge of Ninjas, so the rest of us will have to take G-Shock’s word for the associations.

We are told that the DW-5600NNJ is inspired by the suiton no jutsu water-escape technique; the GA-2100NNJ highlights the katon no jutsu fireball attack; and the DW-6900NNJ recalls the Ninja hashiri bashiri ninja way of running.

You be the judge.

G-Shock Ninja DW-5600NNJ

02 dw 5600nnj 2 01

A navy blue semi-transparent band evokes a Ninjas ability to arrive and escape unseen via water.

Finished with a chain mail inspired lattice pattern on the strap, the watch is on sale now for £119.


06 ga 2100nnj 8a 01

A stealthy grey smoky presence hints at a Ninjas ability to disappear without a trace in this hybrid digital and analogue Casioak.

It has the same chain mail lattice pattern on a grey strap and is retailing now for £139.


04 dw 6900nnj 1 01

Last of the three Ninjas is this multi-angle graphic timepiece that is inspired by the fighters’ lighting quick running skills across the rooftops and streets like a gust of wind, G-Shock says.

It is on sale now for £149.

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