G-SHOCK makes a Mudmaster with Toyota’s Dakar Rally Land Cruiser team


Japan’s TLC, or Toyota Auto Body Team Land Cruiser to use its full title, has been competing in the production category of the Dakar Rally for over 25 years, and uses the race to test its cars in the toughest possible conditions and contribute to making them the best they can be.

The extreme rallying team has now become a partner with fellow Japanese manufacturer G-SHOCK, and has given its name to a new ultra-rugged Mudmaster.


Mudmasters and Land Cruisers have a common purpose: to withstand the worst that the world can throw at them and still keep doing their jobs.

In the case of the G-SHOCK Mudmaster, that means precision radio controlled timekeeping along with providing vital data from its built-in compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer.

The watch will keep going for years, thanks in part to solar power charging and will survive to a depth of 200 metres.

It has forged carbon bezel components and a carbon core guard structure, which makes for a smaller, lighter watch that can take on harshest of terrain.

Its design is said to evoke the Land Cruiser after an intense day speeding across the desert. In other words, it looks like it has survived in pristine condition despite going through hell and back.

It is on sale now for £779.

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