Fossil spins a deal with American turntable maker Crosley


Fossil is making a limited edition collection of watches in collaboration with American vintage turntable maker Crosley.

The deal comes at a time when interest in vinyl records is surging among a younger generation looking for authenticity and tradition in an increasingly throwaway digital world.


Crosley is a bit of a poster boy for the resurgence of vinyl and much of the music that originated 30 years ago when the company was formed.

Fossil hopes that the retro-chic and creative energy of the brand will rub off on it as it launches a collection of limited edition timepieces with details from both vinyl records and Crosley’s iconic turntables.



The watches have a grooved dial with tone-arm style hands and a spinning disc second hand.

It comes in 42mm case and 36mm case sizes and is sold packaged in an exclusive Crosley x Fossil tin at Fossil stores, online at Fossil and Crosley’s website and at select independent record stores.

KJ Apa, star of teen drama Riverdale, has been signed as a Fossil ambassador and the face of the Crosley partnership.


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