Fans of fans will love the latest watches from Victoria Hyde London


Victoria Hyde London is drawing on its Anglo-Sino origins with its latest fashion watch collection, which is inspired by decorative palace fans from ancient China that are on display at the London Fan Museum.

If you don’t have time for a visit to the museum (who knew it existed?) Victoria Hyde London has helpfully provided a potted history for fans of fans: “Fans were invented in China 3,000 years ago and were brought to Europe by Portuguese merchant ships in the 13th century. This started a trend for palace fans as the must-have accessory for scholars and royal families who wanted to portray elegance and nobleness. They evoke images of British court aristocracy in the time of Elizabeth I, who is said to have owned almost 300 fans,” we are told.


The collection is called Snowflake Palace and features feminine fan motifs and romantic colours from Chinese wintersweet flowers, which blossom and fill gardens with colour in the winter months.

They are worn on quilted straps in a choice of pink and rose gold or black and rose gold.

The two watches in the collection have a trade price of £49.50.

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