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Elliot Brown sells 427 special edition watches over WatchPro Salon weekend

Holton Whiteout GMT was created specially for WatchPro Salon.

British watch business Elliot Brown sold 427 units in 36 hours of a Holton Whiteout GMT special edition watch that was the centrepiece of its participation at WatchPro Salon earlier this month.

The Elliot Brown Whiteout GMT is based on the brand’s Broad Arrow GMT, but with a fully luminous dial.

The 43mm frosted steel watch is powered by a Seiko NH34 automatic GMT movement, protected by Elliot Brown’s rugged shock protection cell and a super-compressor case back.

Elliot Brown was taking pre-orders online and at WatchPro Salon for the £795 watch with delivery expected in the Spring of 2024.

Whiteout front

“After a successful WatchPro salon in 2022 we were looking forward to the 2023 salon with great expectations. We were not disappointed. We spent a lot of time and effort marketing to our customer base, using YouTube channels, podcasts and our own social media as well as WatchPro. We were busy throughout the show,” says Guy Allen, head of sales at Elliot Brown.

“A particular success being the 36 hour window for pre-orders for our salon exclusive Holton Whiteout GMT automatic which sold 427 watches during the course of the event, exceeding all expectations,” he adds.

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