Electricianz watch review: Blue Z – Metal


Back in my youth, I used to be a stage hand for large summer rock concerts; humping steel and shoving flight cases for grueling shifts, often through the night, in return for a paltry wage and all-area-access passes that allowed me to wander around back stage with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Prince and Genesis.

Most of these concerts were at the old Wembley Stadium, and one of my enduring memories was how much the entertainment improved as the sun set and the light show took full effect.


Designers at Electricianz may have had the same experience and concluded that, if you are going to make a light show integral to your concept, it is best done against a dark backdrop.

This is the route taken for the Blue Z Metal, a member of the Electricianz Steelz Collection, which I am testing this week.

Unboxing the Blue Z Metal

Before we get to the watch, a little on the unboxing experience.

“Scan the QR code to read our manual”, is the recommendation on the front of packaging for the watch.

That, and a greeting from other #voltloverz, a hashtag that takes me to 3,562 Instagram posts about Electicianz watches.

There is no real need to read the watch’s manual before diving in, but I took a look and there are some fun facts about how the watch is made, how the electric module based on a quartz Miyota 2033 movement works and the brand philosophy behind Electricianz.

The watch is dark. It is called the Blue Z Metal, but to my eye it is black.

It has a black 45mm steel case and bracelet, a 38mm black watch face, dial, hands and pushers. There is also the option of a nato strap, but it does not come boxed with the steel on steel model.

The three-hand dial is offset to the right, taking up around three-quarters of the face. It sits industriously on what looks like a black circuit board complete with cables and terminals that look like they hook up the watch’s party trick: its bright violet LED light.

There is a pusher above the watch’s crown at 2 o’clock that activates the light, which illuminates the hours and an inner ring of the dial.

It is easy enough to read the time with the black-on-black watch in the daytime, but I find myself pressing the light button instinctively because it looks so good. This means that at night, I don’t have to think twice when I need to activate the light.

In an age when everything can be gender neutral, I could certainly imagine women wearing this watch, but it is clearly aimed at men who want something broody but sporty on the wrist.

The Blue Z Metal is on sale now for £495 at Electricianz’s own website and also with partners including CW Sellors, Watcho and HS Johnson.

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