Dorotheum 4

Auction house Dorotheum gets better with age

International auction house Dorotheum has been operating for more than 300 years and is today the largest auction house in German-speaking Europe.

Founded in 1707 in Vienna by Emperor Joseph I, the company in 2024 has more global reach and influence than ever before, hosting 700 auctions per year across 40 categories.

Its watch sales represent an area of particular strength, with recent auctions breaking new records.

As one of Dorotheum’s experts put it, “Our great strength is the mix of classic expertise and our digital offering with online auctions and live bidding.

“With the associated reach, our comprehensive range of services and the optimal support provided by our international representative offices, we are the first point of contact for buyers and sellers in German-speaking countries,” the expert continued.

“Bidders from 90 countries have taken part in more than 700 auctions. We’ve had successful sales in our monthly auctions for wristwatches and pocket watches,” they concluded.

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