Brooklands watch company triple four chronograph

Brooklands Watch Company brings its British vintage motoring-inspired chronographs to WatchPro Salon

Brooklands watches draw on the history of an iconic race track and airfield of the same name in a Terrance Conran designed chronograph.

A visit to WatchPro Salon in November is not simply a chance to see some spectacular timepieces, it is also an opportunity to meet some of the founders behind the watches.

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Simon Jeffs is an excellent example. An aeromechanical systems engineer by background, he created his own successful company, Orange Aero, in 1994, which supplies aircraft gas turbine engine components.

He combined this career with a passion for amateur motorcar racing, flying light aircraft and helicopters and developing a passion for art that led him to converting a Concorde nose assembly into a unique 5-ton sculpture, named Icon, in collaboration with Sebastian Conran and Conran & Partners.

Combining his precision engineering expertise and passion for art and design led Mr Jeffs into the world of watch collecting, and ultimately the creation of his own brand, Brooklands Watch Company, named after an iconic motor racing track and airfield in Weybridge, Surrey.

Brooklands banked track
Brooklands was a legendary racing and test track thanks to its banked corners.

He forged an agreement with the Brooklands Museum Trust, which keeps alive some of the most important stories in British motoring and aviation history, to use its name and draw on some of those stories in a series of Swiss-made watches.

He also used his relationship with Conran & Partners to persuade Sir Terence Conran to help with the design.

In a remarkable tale of serendipity, it came to light that Sir Terence’s father had regularly watched the racing at Brooklands and his mother had learned to fly there.

He joined the project team and set about designing what became the Brooklands Watch Company’s Triple-Four chronograph, which includes features inspired by what he saw and learnt about Brooklands and a record-holding Napier-Railton racing car built there in 1933.

The watch’s automatic movement has a rotor modelled on the car’s legendary Triple-Four Aero aircraft engine.

Brooklands watch company triple four movement

The watch face’s edge is banked, like the Brooklands race track. Its hands are like the hands of the Chronograph Villa clock at Brooklands, while the pattern on the 20mm Conran blue leather strap echoes the distinctive block tread design of early car tyres.

Brooklands watch company triple four detail

Limited to 500 pieces, each watch is individually numbered, signed by Sir Terence, and presented in a beautiful Conran blue velvet-lined leather watch case inspired by a vintage motoring case.

Brooklands watch company triple four

It comes with a slim brass warranty card and a members badge that entitles Triple-Four owners to a drive on Brooklands’ world-famous Test Hill track in a specially commissioned Brooklands Watch Company electric Bugatti Baby II car.

Brooklands watch company triple four profile

The Triple-Four retails at £5,754 and is sold exclusively on the Brooklands Watch Company website.

Visitors to WatchPro Salon in November will be able to purchase the limited edition watch, and also get their first look at a brand new timepiece from Brooklands Watch Company named the P1 Veloce Racing Chronograph, which is currently under wraps.

WatchPro Salon 2023

Watchpro salon 2023 logo 2

Brooklands Watch Company will be among a line up of over 50 prestigious watch brands exhibiting at this year’s WatchPro Salon, which takes place at The Londoner Hotel on Leicester Square from November 10 to 11.

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The ever-expanding list of exhibitors includes:


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