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BRITISH WATCHMAKERS’ DAY: Beaucroft Watches reaches for the sky

Cambridge-based watch business makes sub-£500 automatics.

In celebration of the first British Watchmakers’ Day, fourteen of the 43 exhibiting brands have created limited-edition watches that will be available for sale on March 9.

Cambridge-based Beaucroft embraces the quintessence of British design in a unique and charming manner, defining it as subtly refined, immaculately neat, and easily decipherable, yet infused with a hint of whimsy and individuality.

These delightful attributes come to life in the brand’s latest limited-edition Seeker timepiece crafted specially for British Watchmakers’ Day.

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Beaucroft Cambridge Seeker limited edition for British Watchmakers’ Day.

Co-founder Matt Herd says that the inspiration was the ever-changing British skies. Instead of blue skies, the norm in Britain often involves a medley of blues intertwined with the white and grey hues of patchy clouds.

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This is artfully captured in the radial gradient dial of the British Sky Seeker, featuring a steely blue gradient that mirrors the interplay of blues piercing through clouds.

The dial boasts a satin finish base layer complemented by a sunray chapter ring. The hour and minute hands, in a deep royal blue, provide a striking contrast against the lighter blues of the dial. A touch of vibrant red on the seconds hand introduces a playful element, alluding to the Union Jack.

Mr Herd reflects on the collaborative design process with the Alliance of British Watch and Clock Makers, sharing that it was shaped during convivial moments at the Cambridge Gin Laboratory, Beaucroft’s cherished retail partner.

He expresses the clear intent to fashion a timepiece that embodies Britain –sophisticated, unassuming, yet infused with a playful spirit and a pop of daring colour.

Diving into the Seeker’s specifications, it emerges as a 37mm dress watch that captures attention while maintaining an air of elegance and sleekness suitable for a range of wrist sizes.

Designed and assembled by hand in Great Britain, the Seeker is introduced at a launch price of £450.

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