Bremont’s new watch raises money for the preservation of ocean life

A percentage of sales from Bremont’s new limited edition Supermarine Ocean will go to marine charity 'Save the Turtles International'

Bremont’s new limited edition Supermarine Ocean is inspired by and launched in association with marine biologist Ocean Ramsey and videographer Juan Olipant and will raise funds for marine charity ‘Save the Turtles International’.

Ramsey is based in Hawaii as a marine biologist, shark and marine conservationist, professional freediver and scuba instructor, author, and model, whilst Oliphant, is a marine conservationist, photographer and videographer.

Limited to only 400 pieces, the pair will wear the new timepiece for their aquatic adventures that will raise funds for charity.

The Supermarine dive collection has grew in popularity and became known for its capability to withstand extreme conditions.

Based on the Bremont S302, the all-grey 40mm limited edition dive watch has GMT functionality and features newly refined features with enhanced legibility.

Fit for purpose and extremely durable, the Supermarine Ocean features a stainless-steel case that houses an automatic movement with 50-hour power reserve, a new 24-hour unidirectional rotating bezel with date window at 3 o’clock and has a water resistance of 300m.

Bremont bremont s302 blgn rubber 2

Grey tones across the ceramic bezel are complemented by a sandblasted dial and integrated tapered rubber strap, nodding to Ramsey and Oliphant’s with sharks and aptly called ‘Thresher Grey’.

A classic brown vintage leather strap or stainless-steel bracelet are also available.

To date, Ramsey and Oliphant have dived with over 50 species of sharks. Their mission is to spread education around shark behaviour, avoiding adverse interactions and replacing fear with scientific fact.

Passionate about driving awareness and education of marine wildlife behaviour particularly sharks, sea turtles and sperm whales, the nominated ocean conservation charity ‘Save the Turtles International’ will receive a percentage of proceeds from all Supermarine Ocean watch sales.

The charity supports marine conservation through the elimination of plastic waste, saves marine life from entanglement, provides educational outreach and supports local communities.

Ramsey commented: “Juan and I are honored to be working with Bremont on the release of this special timepiece and to be raising funds for a cause we care so deeply about.

We look forward to showing you the watch in action through the content we’ll be sharing, and we hope to inspire and educate others around the incredible marine environment we’re lucky to experience on such a regular basis.”

Bremont CEO, Davide Cerrato, added: “The Supermarine Ocean is a special and stylish Limited Edition that not only has a wonderful philanthropic cause linked to it, but it really celebrates all that Bremont stands for today.

“Ocean and Juan are remarkable individuals, giving us a glimpse into a world that so few of us get to experience and astonishing us with how they push boundaries on human interaction with marine life such as sharks and whale.”

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