Border force seizes 10,500 fake Casio watches originating from Hong Kong


More than 10,000 counterfeit Casio watches that would be worth an estimated $680,000, if real, were seized on Tuesday by Customs and Border Protection officers in Louisville.

According to the agency, a CBP officer in Louisville held a shipment, manifested as Abs watch, watch material, metal for timing.


When the shipment was opened, the knock off Casio watches were discovered and verified as fakes by an import specialist.

The 10,500 originated from Hong Kong and were going to one recipient in Laredo, Texas, according to the CBP.

“CBP works around the clock to facilitate trade while keeping our country safe. Ensuring the safety of the public against dangerous merchandise is a top priority for CBP,” said Louisville Port Director Thomas Mahn.

“Once again our CBP officers at the Port of Louisville have demonstrated their exceptional skill and superior commodity expertise.”

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