Bomberg unveils Skull limited edition


There really is no mistaking Bomberg’s limited edition Skull, based on the versatile Bolt-68 collection.

The Bolt-68 collection, which includes 25 models alongside the Skull, will be launched during BaselWorld next week at House of Bomberg, on Isteinerstrasse, following the brand’s launch into the Middle East, Caribbean, Peru, Italy, the Netherlands, and Greece last year.

Part wristwatch, part handheld bullhead chronograph and part pocketwatch on a chain, the Bolt-68 is designed to be whatever you need from it, with the Skull limited edition ramping up the design to levels that are impossible to ignore.


Two versions of the Bolt-68 are available; Quartz using Ronda movements and Concepto with automatic chronograph movements. The stainless steel case, available in a range of colours, pivots and slides off the strap allowing it to then be used as a pocket watch and mounted on a chain.

The Skull, limited to 250 pieces, manages to be simultaneously macabre and cheerful, dark and colourful, having a definable chronological purpose and yet still managing to be the most exuberant of artistic flourishes. It’s a design of contradictions and more of a tactile, ornate housing for a watch movement than a wristwatch.

Rick de la Croix, chairman of Bomberg, said: “We are different on every level. Nowadays a watch is more than a mere timepiece, so we incorporate the fashions and desires of our customers, with whom we are in constant dialogue, into our product research and development. Bomberg’s marketing strategy pursues this same logic”.

Bomberg will also be launching a permanent base at Basel with House of Bomberg launching on March 26 that also signals the brand’s move into its home Swiss territory.


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