BOMBERG promotes the health benefits of cannabis in its Cure the Bulldog watch


BOMBERG likes to show its passions and personality in the watches it makes, and its latest timepiece, the BB01 Automatic Cure the Bulldog, is arguably its most expressive.

The story of the watch’s creation starts with a bulldog named Bolt, which has been the brand’s main ambassador since its foundation in 2012 and has featured on a number of adverts over the years.


Bolt lives in Mexico, where the BOMBERG team takes it in turns to look after him each day, but after a period of stress he was recommended a diet of natural, CBD-based foods.

Scientists increasingly recognize how the active ingredients of CBD — found naturally in hemp, a cannabis plant that contains 0.3 percent or less of the THC that gets people high — relieve stress and anxiety, as well as making the nervous system stronger and more resilient.

Once on the diet, Bolt made a speedy recovery and is now enjoying a new lease of life.

Bolt’s recovery inspired BOMBERG to make a watch incorporating hemp leaves (in this case with 0% THC), and the BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog was born.

The watch is a limited edition with only 250 being made.

It is on sale now for CHF 1,950 direct from BOMBERG.

BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog

BB01 Automatic Cure the BullDog is all about the weed.

The dial is built around the instantly recognisable shape of the cannabis leaf and real extracts of the plant are set into the face.

The leaves are harvested from a plantation based in Nevada, USA that meets the strictest standards governing the environment, sustainability and natural production.

It has a strap made from a mixture of leather and authentic American hemp.

Inside the 43mm steel case beats a Sellita SW-200 movement with 38 hour power reserve.

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