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All pictures courtesy of CK Morrison.

BMW works with WatchPro to introduce top-of-the range electric i7 and XM at Salon and Awards

Watch lovers were offered the chance to take a test drive in BMW’s prestigious all-electric i7 and the first-ever electrified BMW XM. 

BMW added poise, elegance, power and luxury to this year’s WatchPro Salon and WatchPro Awards.

The prestigious German carmaker helped visitors to WatchPro Salon recharge after a night at the gala awards dinner with a lounge offering massages, manicures and artisan coffee from a BMW barista.

Watch lovers were also offered the chance to take a test drive in BMW’s prestigious all-electric i7 and the first-ever electrified BMW XM.

VIP guests at WatchPro Awards were chauffeured to and from their hotels for the event in the same top-of-the-range electric cars.

“My ride home was probably the most comfortable of my life,” said Tracey Llewellyn, editor of WatchPro after being chauffeured in the £100,000 BMW i7.

“The ride was so smooth, but the real thrill was the incredible opulence of the car’s interior and a range of gadgets that kept me amused for the whole journey,” she added.

Those gadgets include a 31 inch retractable screen allowing passengers in the back to watch 8K high-definition television and movies from an Amazon Fire Stick.

BMW at WatchPro Salon and Awards

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WatchPro editor-in-chief Rob Corder arrives in the i7.
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WatchPro Lifetime Achievement Award winner David Andrews, chairman of Weir & Sons, arrives in the all-electric i7 with his family at the WatchPro Awards.
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Master of ceremonies for the WatchPro Awards was 2003 Rugby World Cup winner Will Greenwood, who arrived on time thanks to the BMW chauffeur service.
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Mondaine and Luminox UK distributor Colin Lee climbs out of the all-electric luxury BMW XM.
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The BMW Recharge Lounge at WatchPro Salon was offering test drives, exceptional coffee, massages and pedicures.

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