Blackpool jeweller’s refurb paves way for major Patek Philippe area


Blackpool-based Leonard Dews has reopened its flagship store, which now incorporates a newly extended Patek Philippe in-store area.

The jeweller’s relationship with Patek Philippe dates back to 2004 and this major renovation represents one of the largest in-store Patek Philippe areas anywhere in the UK.

The Swiss brand’s UK managing director Mark Hearn explains: “The unveiling of the new Patek Philippe in-store area at Leonard Dews is truly a remarkable moment in this very special relationship with our Blackpool jeweller. Our history goes back a long way and it is our shared heritage in design, craft and quality which has allowed our space to expand from 17m² to 30m² and which will now include a dedicated Patek Philippe vitrine.”


Michael Hyman, managing director of Leonard Dews, is equally enthusiastic about the new store: “This renovation will take our store to the next level. I am so excited about our new collections, in particularly our new Patek Philippe in-store area, which gives this iconic watchmaker the space it really deserves.  Buying a Patek is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so we want people to enjoy every moment of that.  This is not just about a new-look store; from the shop, to our new website, the customer experience is continually at the forefront of everything we do.”

This is the latest good news for Leonard Dews, after it general manager won the Leadership prize at the inaugural Sub36 Awards last month.


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