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Bamford London and The Dial Artist find the time for love

Continuing with a prolific run of new watches for 2024, George Bamford and Bamford London have partnered with The Dial Artist to create a brace of Valentine's Day watches.

As the world gears up for Valentine’s Day on February 14, Bamford London is ushering in the season of love with the launch of two special-edition watches, a collaboration with The Dial Artist.

The historical backdrop of Valentine’s Day, once entwined with the unfortunate demise of Saint Valentine at the hands of Emperor Claudius II, has undergone a significant transformation over the millennia. Modern-day celebrations bear little resemblance to the explicit activities of the ancient Lupercalia festival in mid-February. Today, the focus is on romance, and what better symbol than the heart?

The Dial Artist has designed two distinctive hand-painted dials adorned with miniature love hearts that stand out against black Bamford dials and cases. The ‘Love’ by Bamford London collection comprises a pair of exclusive timepieces, which have gone on sale this week.

Bamford gmt

The first timepiece is a black Bamford GMT with gold accents and hands, featuring a captivating array of pink, red, and blue hand-painted hearts, accompanied by a heart-tipped second hand. The second watch is a black Bamford B80 with white accents and subtly raised hour markers a delightful. The star of the dial show is a burst of pink hearts.

Bamford non gmt

The watches are priced at £1,800 for the B80 and £1,900 for the GMT.

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