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Smartwatch early-adopter Danny Corder spends a week with the latest Touch from Hugo Boss.

It’s been almost a year since Google started rolling out Android Wear 2.0. I spent a week with the Hugo Boss Touch to see how it combines a classy look with all the smart features of Android Wear.

One of the new features of Android Wear 2.0 is that the watches are now able to download and install applications from the play store independently from the phone, over local WiFi. This meant that once I had connected my phone to the watch to link it to my Google account I was able to do everything else just on the watch.

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Once I’d opened the Play Store I was given a list of applications already on my phone which had android wear versions. It also allowed me to install the watch face I was using on my previous smartwatch with all the same settings I was using with it before. This means that migrating from one smartwatch to another can be done very simply and easily.

Android Wear doesn’t solve any problems for you that can’t be solved just by taking your phone out of your pocket. However, it does allow you to make use of some features of your phone at times when you wouldn’t be able to take your phone out. Like driving, or cycling.

While driving I can simply tell my watch to “take me home” using Google Assistant and it’ll use my phone to plot a route back home and feed directions to my wrist.

A quick glance tells you the next turn you need to take or if you’re stopped at traffic lights you can afford a closer look at the map. This applies to cycling directions as well and even makes full use of cycling-only routes.

Unlike Apple, Google has opened up its platform for all users, not just those with Android phones.

Since the watch handles all the app installations itself, you can use the watch with iPhones as well.

The watch just uses the phone to get information like GPS, the current time and your notifications. All you need to do is install the Android Wear app on your phone and you’ll be able to link it to your watch.

The Hugo Boss Touch comes in either a black or stainless steel case with a leather or rubber strap and the use of a 22mm spring bar makes swapping the strap for another very easy.

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    1. Hi Joe,

      I’m finding that with most of these android wear watches the functionality is pretty homogenous across the board. Since we hadn’t covered AW2.0 on this site before that’s what I focused on. In terms of whether you think it’s worth the price, I think it comes down to the style. You can get a watch that will function almost the same in every way for £100 less. The only way these brands can differentiate themselves is with looks. So if you think the watch looks £100 better than some of the cheaper options then go for it.

  1. Hi, Does this watch integrate with apps like Facebook and whatsapp? I.e provide message alerts or at least first line of message on the watch?

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