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Meccaniche Veloci CEO Cesare Cerrito says his brand is naturally born to break with convention, and describes the UK as a key target market for watches that fuse his passion for fast cars and motorbikes with a love of high end horology. WatchPro‘s Daniel Malins speaks to the energetic boss to find out more.

Watchpro: What is the unique selling point of Meccaniche Veloci watches?

Cesare Cerrito: Meccaniche Veloci is a brand like no other. The iconic QuattroValvole – which takes its name from the Italian expression for four valves per cylinder in an engine- has a design inspired by a piston shape and displays four different times simultaneously on its dial, all powered by an in-house self-winding mechanical movement. Its shape is unmistakably unique. On top of it, we are among the few brands that certify the production of every single component in Switzerland, making our timepieces 100% Swiss Made.

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WatchPro: How long has the brand existed and where is the company based?

Cesare Cerrito: It started in Milan in 2006. Ten years later Meccaniche Veloci moved to the heart of Switzerland’s luxury watchmaking district of Plan-les-Ouates in Geneva with an exhibition space set up in a former mechanical workshop, and became Meccaniche Veloci – Genève

Watchpro: In which parts of the world are Meccaniche Veloci watches most popular?

Cesare Cerrito: Meccaniche Veloci is a niche brand renowned worldwide, mostly across Europe and Japan.

Watchpro: What are the challenges that you face when it comes to the UK market?

Cesare Cerrito: The UK market is been a very important market for Meccaniche Veloci in the past years. We registered a very good opening to new and interesting products, as the market is quite open-minded and retailers are constantly looking to offer consumers appealing newness.

Watchpro: How well-equipped are you to deal with these challenges?

Cesare Cerrito: Meccaniche Veloci is naturally born to break with conventional stylistic norms and we are confident we will keep on retaining those niche consumers that are more attracted to non-mainstream high-end objects rather than industrial-luxury products.

Watchpro: What does your business model look like? Do you prefer to work directly from your HQ in overseas territories or instead partner with a local distributor/agent?

Cesare Cerrito: We do prefer to establish long-lasting relationships with local partners for distribution, in order to better fulfil every market’s peculiarity in term of demand and after-sale service.

Watchpro: What’s been your best-selling watch of 2018?

Cesare Cerrito: Our best selling in 2018 is been our Icon model FuoriGiri; this is because it embodies at its very heart the quintessence of Meccaniche Veloci DNA.


Meccaniche Veloci’s Money Maker timepiece.


WatchPro: What innovations have you got lined up for 2019?

Cesare Cerrito: After our first in-house Tourbillon introduced in 2018, which reinforces our presence in the high-end segment since we became an integrated watchmaking manufacture, we are developing the use of innovative materials for the case, which is in the very essence of Meccaniche Veloci since its foundation.

Watchpro: What is your view on the future of Baselworld from next year?

Cesare Cerrito: Baselworld will continue to be one of the key moments for the industry but not anymore the only one. SIHH is gaining more and more traction and we will see how the two exhibitions will evolve in the next years. What is sure is that the exhibition itself is in a moment of confrontation and discussion for the players and the market and we do not believe that they will de-materialise in advantage of platforms and local and targeted events only, as some of the observer is forecasting.


Mechaniche Veloci on the cover of WatchPro’s December edition.

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