Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Google clears legal hurdles slowing acquisition of Fitbit

Google has completed its acquisition of smartwatch maker Fitbit after a protracted investigation by the US Department of Justice into the protection of customer...

WATCHPRO WORKSHOP: Perfecting pay per click for Black Friday

Pay-per-click advertising offers an efficient and cost-effective way of grabbing the attention of Black Friday shoppers.

Fossil Group sells smartwatch intellectual property to Google

You might liken the deal to selling ice to Eskimos: a deal that sees fashion watch specialist Fossil Group selling intellectual property relating to smartwatch technology to digital behemoth Google.

Google will compete with its smartwatch partners with creation of Pixel...

Google is planning to unveil its own Pixel smartwatch in the second half of the year, according to tech industry insiders. The move would place...

Could Google Pay be on its way to Fossil Group’s smartwatches?

The increasingly popular Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) could be set to arrive in some of Fossil Group’s smartwatches soon. Filings with the Federal Communications...

Android Wear rebranded as ‘Wear OS by Google’

Google has announced that its popular Android Wear operating system is to be rebranded as ‘Wear OS by Google’. Launched three years ago, Android Wear...

Swarovski shelves plans for Basel smartwatch launch

Swarovski has shelved plans to launch its much-anticipated smartwatch at Baselworld, citing “execution” issues for the delay. As revealed by WatchPro in January, the company...

Swatch bids to end Silicon Valley stranglehold on watch operating systems

Swatch Group is bidding to take on the might of Silicon Valley by developing an alternative to the iOS and Android operating systems for...

Tech companies challenge Swiss giants for number of wristwatch patents

Swatch Group remained the world’s most inventive watchmaker in 2016, with a total of 243 patent applications filed in the year, almost a quarter...

Movado Group brands bet on Android Wear 2.0 as the future...

Movado will unveil its first smartwatch at Baselworld. Images of the Movado Connect have not yet been released, but WatchPro has learned that the company...