Sugar flaunts Rolex collection during Apprentice firing

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Business tycoon Sir Alan Sugar has been showing off his Rolex collection during the latest series of The Apprentice, sporting a total of seven different watches over nine episodes of the BBC favourite.

Eagle-eyed fans of the show were quick to point out Sugar’s varied Rolex collection, flaunted as he points to contestants and fires them in the boardroom, including one originally designed for Pan American Airways pilots worth up to £90,000.

Last week in the programme he sported a Cosmograph Dayton Rolex, which retails at £20,000, while earlier on in the series he also donned an 18 carat yellow gold Yacht-Master II worth £30,000 in episode five.

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And the seven Rolexes worn throughout the latest series are estimated to have cost Lord Sugar around £230,000.

One Twitter user said: ‘Not entirely sure what your cabinet holds more of, is it pristine Rolex’s or ‘you’re fired’ taxi receipts?’

Lord Sugar has also sported other watches in previous series of The Apprentice, including Cartier and Breitling.

He has also long been a fan of luxury watch retailer, Michael Spiers where he previously purchased a Rolex Daytona from the store in Plymouth.

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