Shinola’s long-serving president bids the company farewell


Detroit-based watchmaker Shinola has confirmed that its president of seven years is set to leave the company.

Jacques Panis, who has worked with the luxury goods brand since its inception in 2011, has announced he is leaving the company to pursue other entrepreneurial ventures.

It has been reported that Mr Panis will serve out one more week in his role as president before officially departing on March 2, when he will be immediately succeeded by Shannon Washburn (pictured top).


The company has confirmed that Ms Washburn, who is currently Shinola’s vice president of watch development, will lead Shinola’s brand and product development teams and its marketing efforts.

Shinola recently took part in a London event designed to promote the creative industries that are mushrooming in the East end of London. Clerkenwell Design Week played host to pop-up presentations from myriad businesses ranging offering everything from furniture to fashion.

Shinola was one of the biggest exhibitors, and built a striking installation out of thousands of black lightning bolts, which is used as branding across its products.


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