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Secure logistics solutions by Malca-Amit

When protecting your most valuable assets, selecting the right logistics partner can be what makes or breaks your business.

Managing director Charles Turner and head of luxury retail Alan Jack sit down with WatchPro to explain what sets Malca-Amit UK apart as the best option for all of your secure shipping and storage needs.

WatchPro: Talk us through Malca-Amit UK’s services and product offering?

Charles Turner: Malca-Amit is a secure logistics provider offering a range of services, including shipping, storage and event services. We deliver absolute peace of mind to the luxury goods industry, and whilst I appreciate that is a nice ‘tag line’, it is more than that for us which sums up Malca-Amit’s purpose and ambitions.

Breaking it down, I am referring to Malca-Amit providing industry participants with reliable and secure logistics services, facilitating trade in a safe environment.

We arrange movements globally, store goods in any one of our market leading vaults and tailor services to fit our clients’ needs. Our services come with a solid promise to safeguard our clients’ goods whilst in our custody or control, and we insure our promise and assumption of liability via the London insurance market.

Alan Jack: I had known of Malca-Amit from my many years in the luxury industry, but until I joined the company last year I didn’t fully appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes – everyone from the drivers, vault staff, accounts team to HR, plays a big part in the whole operation.

WatchPro: What sets you apart from other logistics, storage, and shipping providers in the watch and jewellery industries?

Charles Turner: Everyone in the industry plays their part in keeping the market competitive and well serviced, that also goes for our competitors. However, I believe Malca-Amit brings something unique to the table and would say that our skills lie in finding solutions for our clients to make handling their goods seamless and easy.

Clients have access to our MyMalca customer service portal, where they can do everything from book shipments, review shipping documentation and analyse their carbon footprint exposure.

On top of that, we have long standing relationships with the insurance market, which allow us to offer bespoke risk solutions for our clients in the form of full liability coverage on transportation and storage.

WatchPro: Malca-Amit UK offers tailored packages to create VIP post-sales and viewing services for the jewellery and watch industries. Talk us through how this White Glove Service works for your clients?

Alan Jack: The White Glove Service is our elevated final mile delivery service which aims to truly enhance the delivery on behalf of the retailer. Our clients are just as important to us as their clients are to them, and for that reason the White Glove Service, with luxury secure vehicles and highly trained staff, aims to give the end client a first-class and luxurious delivery experience.

Charles Turner: This is such a crucial and delicate area of the business. It is a privilege to be entrusted with the end client’s final shopping experience – a privilege that we do not take for granted. We can tailor everything to suit your needs, just tell us when, where and how.

WatchPro: How do you support those in the industry who require efficiency and reliability at a reasonable cost, while transporting luxury goods?

Charles Turner: Malca-Amit continues to invest and utilise an array of data-driven technology to understand the operations of our business. We understand how innovation can facilitate improvements in the industry and Malca-Amit is able to adapt to meet the needs of our clients.

Through investing in technology and upskilling our workforce, we have fostered an environment which creates value for our clients by providing expedient and secure services at competitive prices.

Alan Jack: We are aware of the current challenges that the industry is facing. However, we believe that we are one of the best operators and appreciate the importance of offering a cost-effective service for our clients. We pride ourselves on offering creative solutions by embracing technology and optimising relationships in the luxury goods industry.

WatchPro: Choosing the best logistics partner and shipping provider is a difficult decision, what assurances do you offer to your clients?

Charles Turner: Clients all have different considerations when choosing a logistics provider, including the scope of service, lead time, security, pricing and most recently sustainability. These are all areas we focus and pride ourselves on. Our operations span around the world, and all our vaults are fitted with state-of-the art security systems under constant surveillance.

Our service contracts also give our clients reassurance by offering extensive liability coverage for the protection of their goods. In the unlikely event that a client’s goods get stolen or damaged whilst in our care, we can quickly compensate the client for the values declared to us thanks to our comprehensive carrier’s liability policy.

We also appreciate the importance of sustainability and our GoGreen initiative is something we put a lot of faith in. This involves placing solar panels on our facilities, using electric and hybrid vehicles, reducing paper usage and recycling. Our clients can also monitor carbon emissions on their MyMalca portal for each individual shipment.

WatchPro: Tell us about UltraVault. We’ve seen a lot of coverage recently on this product offer by Malca-Amit UK.

Alan Jack: We’re very excited by UltraVault, and have huge confidence that this is a luxury product that UK clients and across the world, can really benefit from!
UltraVault is a fully flexible, secure, luxury safe deposit box with the added benefit of being fully portable!

This means that clients are no longer restricted by Monday to Friday opening hours of traditional safe deposit box offerings, and can access their items discreetly in the safety and comfort of their own home. We can safely store clients’ watch and jewellery collections, and deliver the box anywhere in the UK with our White Glove service! We have seen great demand for this service, and are aiming to expand this all over the nation!

Charles Turner: UltraVault is not only a tailor-made product for businesses and high-net worth individuals, but it is also a highly functional product. If clients use UltraVault they do not have to keep all their valuables at home or in the office with the risk this entails, and clients can leverage Malca-Amit’s liability coverage when procuring their own insurance coverage for the goods they wish to keep at home or in the office.

Our secure vaults where the boxes are stored offer cutting-edge security and surveillance systems to put our clients and their insurers at ease.

WatchPro: What’s next for the business in 2024?

Charles Turner: I’m confident this will be another good year for Malca-Amit and we will continue to ‘deliver absolute peace of mind’. We will further increase our focus on the North of the UK and continue to invest in our people, our infrastructure, while providing creative solutions for the transportation and storage of luxury goods.

Alan Jack: A super exciting opportunity for 2024 is to support a growing and established watch or jewellery business with a third-party logistics operation by supporting their e-commerce.

This won’t be new to us; around the world we successfully operate third-party logistics with e-commerce solutions for numerous clients and we have a great opportunity to do the same in the UK.

Additionally, our sponsorship of the 2024 WatchPro Awards and 2024 Professional Jeweller Awards will help with our expansion in the UK, but most importantly we will continue to build relationships and trust in the industry to move us forward. Bring it on!

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