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Watchmaker Robert Quinn with Serena Gough, director and head of services for Laings.

QUICKFIRE Q&A: Serena Gough, director and head of service at Laings

Serena Gough has been promoted to the board of directors at Laings as part of its mission to put craftsmanship at the heart of its business.

Serena Gough has been promoted to the board of directors at Laings as part of its mission to put craftsmanship at the heart of its business.

What does that mean for the historic family-owned jeweller, and how will she elevate the range of services for clients?

WatchPro presents a Quickfire Q&A to find out.

Q. What has your experience at Laings been like so far and how will you use previous experience to guide you into this new position?

A. It takes a very special business to understand the potential that services, workshops and that of the talented people that they have within them.

To not just understand that but invest too is one that is infinitely more special. I believe we are entering a new era with so much potential and I’m truly grateful to be a part of that.

Cardiff workshop 15
Laings new workshop opened in Cardiff at the start of 2023.

Cardiff workshop 13

With a vast experience in the industry, my knowledge and understanding of incredible timepieces and fine jewellery plays an important part of my every day at Laings.

The special pieces that we handle in the workshop are crafted from complex mechanisms, are family heirlooms and hold significant sentimental value.

The most important thing that I can ensure is the longevity of the sentiment, beauty and artistry behind each piece.

Q. Has there been any standout achievements in your career so far that you believe has led to this advancement?

A. I would say that my standout achievements really lie with Laings, due to their unwavering support of craft. The transformation and growth that I have led across our services business in recent years has greatly increased its contribution to the overall business.

Growing our team of highly skilled watchmakers, goldsmiths and designers shows Laings investment in the pillars of our business and embraces our responsibility to educate and improve the health of the industry keeps our customer’s dreams and memories alive.

Q. What does your future vision of Laings look like in this new position as board director? Will Laings growth strategy change as a result?

A. Our long-term goal is to build our brand and it’s values of quality, expertise and dedication. To create an environment with like-minded people where they can hone their skills, working at an extremely high level, share knowledge, expertise and skill, passing this on to the next generation.

Geographically our location is so important.

We want to open doors and bring opportunities to people that didn’t exist before.

We’re reigniting crafts in different areas and bringing back this presence in amazing cities in the UK, leaving our mark and having an impact that will be seen for generations to come.

The knowledge that we learn has a domino effect and each generation will add more and more, only allowing us to get better and better. It’s about us bringing back that expertise.

Q. What prospects are you looking forward to and are there any challenges you hope to overcome?

A. I’m looking forward to the opening of our fantastic new facilities across the estate and shining a light on the heart of the industry. I look forward to continuing to work with our incredible team and watch them grow.

The workshops are all about the people, that’s what makes them special. Not only do we have these state-of-the-art spaces we also have passionate people who share a vision and one common goal.

The love for skill, the love for learning, the love for this continuous quest for perfection. We are all on this path together and that is what makes it unique.

The challenge we all face is inspiring the next generation of talent to grow our future and invite them into a fantastic career.

Q. What is something new you think you will bring to the board as director?

A. It isn’t perhaps something new, but I feel my passion for craft will be integral to the continued growth of the Services Department.

I understand that the biggest thing we want to achieve from a client is their trust. I know how important it is for clients to feel that their treasured pieces are safe in our hands.

It is an emotional process to be parting with something you care about and with every customer, I know our team will care about them emotionally as much as they care about the item.

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