Pre-owned luxury asset specialist offers loans secured against luxury watches


Carr, a London-based specialist in pre-owned luxury watches, is offering loans of up to £1 million pounds to people, with valuable assets including watches, diamonds, jewellery, fine art, wine and whiskey used as security.

The company’s luxury assets team is working its finance partners so that the loans can be approved without the borrower needing to sell their possessions.


“You and your assets are our priority. We enable you to realise the full potential of your assets so you can maximise on their value swiftly, smoothly and discreetly. Our finance team fund you directly using their own funds and the terms are simple and transparent, there are no credit checks or hidden fees,” the company said in a message to customers today.

Carr normally works out of premises in The City of London and Mayfair’s Berkeley Square, and is still offering private appointments.

Its loan offer message says the company and its partners have a wide-ranging wealth of experience, allowing us to quickly respond to the most particular of needs.

“Our directors hold over 100 years of industry experience between them, working for successful lending services, accountancy and property firms. Our core team have worked for the likes of Sotheby’s, Phillips, Borro and Bonhams and hold close relationships with a network of art advisors, wealth managers, brokers and private banks,” Carr says.

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