Philip Stein watches guarantee to reduce stress, improve sleep and boost energy


Paul Nolan has become the UK agent for Philip Stein, a brand that specialises in watches that resonate with the body to strengthen its bio magnetic field to reduce stress, improve sleep and boost energy.

Its proprietary technology is also offered in bracelets that can be worn along with a regular watch.

Mr Nolan will manage Philip Stein alongside Christian Lacroix Watches, Bijoux Jewellery and Zadig and Voltaire watches and jewellery through his 7768 Watch Consultancy.


He has also started working with the Carat Shop, which has the official licence for Harry Potter Watches and Jewellery.

Philip Stein’s claimed physical and mental benefits make it an interesting brand for retailers at this challenging time.


“The brand offers something different from pure horology aesthetics in Natural Frequency Technology. The Earth’s natural frequencies can have positive effects on our wellbeing, Philip Stein’s proprietary wellness technology resonates with those beneficial frequencies to help people sleep well, reduce stress and enjoy more energy in their day -to day lives. All watches have this technology as well as being Swiss Made,” says Mr Nolan.

The brand is so confident in its healing claims that it offers a guarantee it will work. “One of the unique selling points we offer is a 30 day money back guarantee if Philip Stien does not make a difference to your life and wellness / Focus / Sleep as we are that confident in the brand and our return rate after 30 days is under 1%,” Mr Nolan reveals.

It offers a broad spectrum of styles for men and women.

It is already on sale with major airlines and its Sleep Bracelets sold out after being listed on a pre-Christmas sale with Selfridges.

Retailers that stock the brand will benefit from strong brand momentum in the Middle East and Asia that has raised its social media profile (over 70,000 followers on Instagram) and influencer reach.


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