Swatch moonswatch snowflake 3

MoonSwatch Snowflake makes it a white Christmas for Swatch

Snowflake is expected to the the last of 12 MoonSwatch models with a MoonShine Gold seconds hand.

Swatch unveiled what is likely to be the final model in its Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch Mission to the Moon series with a Moonshine Gold seconds hand this week with the appearance of the new Cold Moon in the night sky.

Swatch said it would mark each new moon this year with a fresh limited edition of its MoonSwatch this year, and the mission appears to be complete.

The company released a video on its own Instagram before Christmas showing a watch box with 11 out of 12 spaces filled.

It then unveiled the missing watch in the same form as all other classic monochrome Omega Moonwatch tribute acts, this time with the gold-treated seconds hand etched with a snowflake pattern.

Released on boxing day, the latest watch went on sale in physical Swatch stores in 88 cities.

In the UK it is retailing for £250.

Flippers are looking to make an instant £100 profit from the watch by offering it on eBay and other platforms for upwards of £350.

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