MeisterSinger launches watch collection customised to cities around the world


MeisterSinger has announced the launch of City Edition 2019 a new concept that will see 56 mechanical watch models customised to reflect a different city.

Each watch will include an image and a motto that will reflect cities ranging from Paris to Berlin.


The 40mm stainless steel case will be emblazoned with the words City Edition in cursive text and each city’s image and motto has been chosen to specifically reflect a unique aspect of its history or culture.

The City Edition will come with a sixfold screwed glass exhibition back that allows a clear view of the internal Swiss automatic movement, a power reserve of 38 hours and each one is waterproof up to 5 bar.

A statement reads: “The allegiance to the place dear to the wearer’s heart stays private and can be found on the back: A typical silhouette on the glass back shows the place where the owner feels at home.”

The City Edition will come in limited quantities and has been developed in cooperation with jewellers and international distributors to ensure that the cosmopolitan theme rings true in each of the watch’s versions.

The statement continues: “A love of the place called home can establish deep connections, especially when home is not the same place.”

The City Edition went on sale from mid-October.

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