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Luminox Navy SEAL 3000 EVO line-up to debut at WatchPro Salon

Luminox is set to return to WatchPro Salon 10-11 November at The Londoner hotel in Leicester Square

The renowned tool watch brand Luminox is set to make a return to the WatchPro Salon on November 10 and 11. During the event, the brand will unveil a fresh collection of styles for the autumn/winter season, some making their debuts in the UK.

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With pioneering products like its Navy SEAL watches, American-Swiss brand Luminox, has consistently strived to enhance the practicality of sports and dive watches, establishing itself as a  beacon of innovation and endurance in the world of horology, producing timepieces that not only tell the time but also weave stories of courage, resilience, and daring exploits.

Central to Luminox timepieces is their exceptional durability and reliable case craftsmanship, complemented by the brand’s exclusive LLT (Luminous Light Technology).Luminox navy seal 3000 evo xs. 3007. Evo. S uvs v2 2022

This innovation incorporates tiny micro gas light tubes on hands, hour markers, and occasionally bezels, ensuring unmatched visibility even in complete darkness. Notably, this technology boasts an impressive life span of up to 25 years.

The Luminox watch narrative began in 1989, when seasoned watch industry expert Barry Cohen and his colleague Richard Timbo embarked on a pioneering journey into a revolutionary self-powered illumination system. Drawing from Latin roots, the company’s name seamlessly combines “Lumi,” signifying light, and “Nox,” representing darkness.

In 1992, Luminox’s founders, in collaboration with Nick North, an officer from the US Navy Sea, Air, and Land (SEALs) team, embarked on the creation of an exclusive timepiece for the SEALs.

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This partnership has thrived over time, yielding Luminox Navy SEAL watches tailored to excel in nocturnal missions. The Navy SEAL watch’s prominence soared in 1994 as it found application with the US Coast Guards, the NYPD, and the Singapore Air Force.

Between 1997 and 2004, the Luminox Navy SEAL watch made its silver screen debut in Ridley Scott’s GI Jane, later gracing the wrist of Hollywood luminary George Clooney in Ocean’s Eleven.

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In 2006, Swiss group Mondaine acquired 50% of the California-based brand, taking over the remaining 50% in 2016, but Luminox’s unwavering mission remains: to offer mid-range priced watches that cater to collectors seeking affordable yet superior timepieces, and to individuals necessitating robust, dependable wristwatches capable of enduring the rigors of daily life and demanding professions.

Luminox’s relationship with the revered Navy SEALs has been the foundation upon which the brand has built its reputation for producing watches that are suitable for diverse terrains and bold expeditions.

With an unwavering dedication to meeting the exacting criteria of this elite division, Luminox has set out to create a timepiece that exceeds the rigorous demands of SEAL night missions and the most arduous conditions.


The result was the Original Navy SEAL 3000 EVO – a progression from the distinguished Navy SEAL 3001, which is officially sanctioned by, and crafted in collaboration with, the United States Navy.

For 2023, Luminox has revisited the collection, introducing an exquisite trio of military-inspired colour variations: the earthy Sand, the tactical OD Green, and the commanding Black with a pristine white dial.

In an unmistakable testament to Luminox’s pursuit of excellence, these new models in the Navy SEAL 3000 EVO line-up are robust enough to stand up to a SEAL’s punishing schedule.

Luminox navy seal 3000 evo

The 43mm cases can withstand pressures up to 200 metres below the ocean’s surface and are equipped with sapphire crystals. The timepieces are powered by a high-precision Swiss-made quartz movement. And, of course, the piece incorporates the enduring brilliance of Luminox Light Technology.

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Luminox will be among a line-up of over 50 prestigious watch brands and a carefully curated lounge of pre-owned businesses exhibiting at this year’s WatchPro Salon, which takes place at The Londoner Hotel on Leicester Square from November 10 to 11.

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The ever-expanding list of exhibitors includes:




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