LBS sales rise by 10% as retailers benefit from better margins for its watch straps


British watch strap maker LBS says that sales have risen by 10% in its latest financial year, and attributes the success to its retail partners enjoying rising profit margins by selling its replacement straps.

LBS makes its own ranges of straps and distributes replacement straps from some of the world’s leading watch brands.

The company puts success of its retail partners at the heart of its strategy, and aims to be the most profitable choice for straps.

“We are really pleased to see an increase in sales over the last twelve months as more and more retailers are looking at their costs and trying to save money and increase their margins. As LBS only deals directly with our customers and doesn’t use any reps or middlemen taking a slice of the profit, we are able to remain extremely competitive in an unsteady economic climate,” says Lewis Morris, business development manager for LBS.

“Our valued customers not only appreciate our extensive range, but our ability to deliver any items the next day. This speed of service has been a significant boost to our sales figures, and we hope to keep supporting our clients by providing them with exceptional quality watch straps at the best possible prices.”



The brand’s wide array of different strap styles and materials includes handmade Italian genuine crocodile designs as well as bands made from tweed and nylon.

Focusing on the future of timepiece technology, LBS has recently presented the second version of its technologically advanced tap strap with a built in contactless payment chip.

LBS is also an official distributor for Renata and Maxell watch batteries along with the Hagerty cleaning range which offers further up-selling opportunities for retail clients.



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