Latest G-Shock G-Steel given greater protection with a Carbon Core Guardstructure


Casio’s latest G-Steel has been made lighter and stronger by protecting the watch with a Carbon Core Guardstructure that improves shock resistance and rigidity.

The GST-B300 is also the first G-Steel watch with a front button.


G-Shock has used carbon fibre-reinforced resin to strengthen the center case along with the front and side button guards.

On the dial, a battery indicator at the 6 o’clock position has been designed to look like a brake disk with the level of battery power shown with an arrow pointer and a curved red bar.

That power is constantly topped-up using Casio’s Touch Solar charging system.

Function-wise, it has world time settings for over 300 cities, various alarms, stopwatch and countdown features.

It can also talk to a dedicated smartphone app via Bluetooth so it is always kept perfectly accurate.

The GST-B300 goes on sale in June for £349.

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