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Konstantin Chaykin reveals its first in house automatic movement

Movement is first being used in the Zebra, a black and white striped addition to its Wristmons collection.

Konstantin Chaykin has unveiled its first watch with a Russian-made in-house automatic movement powered with energy from a micro rotor.

The movement is first being used in the Zebra, a black and white striped addition to its Wristmons collection, home to the famous Joker watch.

Calibre K.33.3 is the first automatic movement from Konstantin Chaykin and the realisation of a dream to diversify away from industrially produced movements from the likes of ETA.

The Russian movement drives a Joker’s eyes time indication with disk hour and minute indicators, large two-disk day indicators and crown position display.

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The movement is only 8.1mm thick, thanks to the height saving that a micro rotor delivers.

Konstantin Chaykin says it can be modified to power a range of complications in the future.

Mr Chaykin says it is a significant advancement for his manufacture, incorporating several new technical ideas for which Konstantin Chaykin, one of the leading inventors in the world watchmaking industry, has prepared and filed three patent applications.

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In creating his own movements, Konstantin Chaykin adheres to the principles of fine watchmaking. As a globally recognized watchmaker and an active member of The Académie Horlogers des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI), he has meticulously studied traditional techniques for finely finishing watch movement components, refining them throughout his career.

This expertise enables him to transform each mechanical calibre into a genuine work of fine watchmaking art.

The 40mm Zebra watch displays hours and minutes in two subdials with the pupils of the animal’s eyeballs pointing to the time.

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Date and time are presented within its nostrils.

The artwork created in high-relief guilloche with lacquer coating.

Konstantin Chaykin is introducing a new smiling complication with the watch that indicates the position of the watch’s crown. When it is pulled out, the background of the Zebra smile changes from white to red, allowing the Zebra to show its tongue.

Price is on application.

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