Jaquet Droz presents ‘one of a kind’ piece to mark nearly three centuries in the business


Jaquet Droz has announced the release of the Parrot Repeater Pocket Watch to commemorate nearly three centuries in business.

The piece is a one of a kind automation with minute repeater and was produced in its ancestral home, La Chaux de Fonds, 280 years on from when Jaquet Droz first set foot in the watchmaking industry.

It was there that, for nearly three years, every artisan technique at the firm joined forces to bring to life a piece that would celebrate the 280th anniversary of Jaquet Droz: the Parrot Repeater Pocket Watch.

Originally inspired by Jaquet Droz, the Parrot Repeater Pocket Watch carries on the tradition of automata, spurring it today to push new technical, creative and artistic boundaries.

The case is protected by two covers; a macaw is depicted on the back of the case with Grand Feu enamel painting decorated with spangles and instead of traditional pigments, this technique uses real enamel, which are ground by hand into a fine powder and mixed with oil rather than water.

The dial cover is also produced in Grand Feu enamel and set with gemstones.

Both covers can be opened individually by a dual case-spring mechanism inside the pendant which is positioned at 12 o’clock, thus allowing the watch to be suspended on a chain.

This mechanism contains two patented Jaquet Droz inventions: the method of opening each of the covers, and the crown positioned at 12 o’clock, which is a first for Jaquet Droz in this type of automaton.



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