GMT Publishing issues second Millennium Watch Book – this time its all about Tourbillons


Invented 220 years ago, the tourbillon has very much established itself as the symbol of fine watchmaking – and since the turn of the third millennium, as the best-known of all horological complications.

The Millennium Watch Book – Tourbillons pays tribute to this icon, delighting lovers of fine watches with 200 generously-illustrated, outsize pages wholly given over to the phenomenon – one that’s been reinterpreted countless times by scores of craftsmen and brands.

Featuring contributions from a dozen watch specialists who spent a year working on the project, the book is characterised by an educational, aesthetic, and fun approach that sets it apart from stuffier tomes.

Together, the specialists have analysed and summarised all there is to know about watches fitted with tourbillons, setting out their findings in ten themed chapters.

Although mainly covering contemporary watchmaking, the Millennium Watch Book has a brief historical overview too, as well as a look at the role of Abraham-Louis Breguet, inventor of the tourbillon.

The tourbillon’s basic principles are presented, alongside profiles of the leading players, an analysis of the second-hand market, patents as seen from various perspectives, winners of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève since its first edition in 2001, and most importantly, 50 not-to-be-missed tourbillon watches selected by the editorial committee.

Along with the regular book, there are 220 numbered editions that include a preface by a direct descendent of the inventor of the tourbillon, Emmanuel Breguet.

The Millennium Watch Book – Tourbillons is the second volume in a collection of books on contemporary watchmaking. They are published in French and English.

Subsequent volumes, each covering a given topic, are due to be released at the end of each year through to 2030 by GMT Publishing in Geneva.



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