French startup develops smart strap that connects to any watch


Imagine wearing a classic timepiece, perhaps a family heirloom, but being able to turn it into a fully functioning connected watch that communicates with a smartphone.

This is the promise of French startup Rifft, which has created a watch strap called CT Band that brings the functionality of a smartwatch to traditional timepieces.

“For most of us, a watch is a precious object. Whether a valuable luxury watch, a precious gift, a symbol of success or something of sentimental value, we wear it almost all the time. Classic watch, smart strap or smart watch? With CT Band, it’s now possible to combine traditional mechanical watchmaking and connectivity,” the company promises.


The electronic components required to track steps and heart rate, and also to display notifications on a small screen, are embedded into the CT Band watch strap.


It is designed to work with with any watch, which straps produced in seven leather styles and 11 silicone.

The strap has a 0.48 inch OLED screen, which is virtually invisible when in sleep mode.


The strap needs re-charging every four days, Rifft says.

They are water-resistant, but the company says the straps should not be worn while showering or swimming.



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