Fossil launches vintage Archival Series alongside first-ever brand retrospective in Basel


Fossil has confirmed the launch of its new Archival Series.

The announcement will be a re-release of some of what Fossil has described as its ‘most-loved’ watches.


Beginning in May, there will be archival launches throughout the year with a release set to be made almost every month until the end of the year.

To mark what it sees as a significant announcement, Fossil is debuting its first-ever brand retrospective: The (R)evolution of the Fossil Watch in Basel, Switzerland.

Steve Evans, EVP Fossil Group, said: “The re-launching of the Archival Series alongside this innovative retrospective is something that the brand has wanted to do for a long time.”

He added: ‘’Fossil fans are truly an incredible group, and have loyally stayed with us on our journey for almost 35 years. Following the successful re-launch of the Mood Watch last fall, we knew we owed it to our fans (new and existing alike) to bring back iconic watch designs for today’s watch–wearer.

“This exhibit allows us to celebrate our history with our global audience, give them visibility what makes Fossil decidedly Fossil, and share a first look at all the exciting things we have in store this year and beyond for the brand.’’

The exhibit is expected to travel around the globe including other cities in Europe with stops in Asia and the US, and parts of the exhibit will take permanent residence at the brand’s headquarters in Texas in the future.

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