Forgotten Fraser Hart Rolex robber jailed


A robber abandoned by his gang after a Rolex watch heist at a branch of Fraser Hart in Kingston upon Thames has been jailed for six and a half years.

Luke Doyle, 27, was one of four men who rode up to the Fraser Hart Branch in the Bentall Centre in Kingston on June 25 and smashed their way into the store with sledgehammers. The gang stole 12 Rolex watches with a combined retail value of £133,150.

During the raid Doyle’s accomplices left him behind at the scene after he failed to mount the back of one of the motorbikes and he was caught by police with the bag full of Rolex watches. There are still four Rolex watches missing, however, that are worth a a total of £42,850.


In his defence, Doyle claimed that the gang had targeted the store at a time – 9am on a Monday – when there were no customers in the shop. He said that he had become involved in the crime to pay off £8,000 of gambling debts.


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