FIRST LOOK: Laings reveals first campaign of the year


Luxury jeweller Laings has launched into 2020 with a campaign that’s all about adventure and exploring, looking at where this year will take consumers.

Laings stores across the UK have been transformed to reflect this new message, which is also seen throughout all the jewellery retailer’s advertising and promotions.


The campaign aims to celebrate all of the adventures that are to come in 2020. Featuring a range of diamond jewellery and wristwatches, products have been chosen as pieces that can be worn whether this year takes its clients.

Head of marketing at Laings, Sally Alobaidi, explains: “Laings will be with customers every step of the way, for any adventure that they embark on.

“Whether it’s a proposal to take the next step of a their journey together, an anniversary present to celebrate how far they’ve come or a bespoke piece of jewellery to mark a new adventure we’ll be with them to their final destination and beyond.”

Throughout the campaign diamond pieces add a graceful look to everyday wear, with sparkling earrings and solitaire rings being must-have items for the season.

These timeless pieces are complemented with stand-out dress rings and vibrant gemstone bracelets that add a pop of colour and personality.

Alobaidi adds: “Classic timepieces are the perfect accompaniment for adventurers, with many being inspired by the roaming explorers of the past. Their refined and sophisticated style is coupled with technical expertise, meaning they are a reliable and accurate companion.”

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