Faldo reveals watches built from winning clubs


Six-time Major winner Nick Faldo regaled golf fans with tales of his career at a London evening hosted by golfing watch specialist Jaermann & Stübi.

Faldo entertained the specially invited audience at Urban Golf, in Kensington, with exploits from his time on tour.

Guests also got a chance to learn more about the limited edition Faldo Series 1 watch, made from the clubs that helped Faldo win the 1997 Los Angeles Open, his last tournament win as a professional golfer.


The limited run of watches will contribute $72,000 to the development of the non-profit Faldo Series organisation that helps identify and nurture the next generation of golfers.

Just 72, the par for a typical championship course, of the Faldo Series 1 watches will be produced, priced at £18,200.

As well as the historic value of the materials used to produce the Jaermann & Stübi watches each provides practical, patented golfing functionality including the ability to record strokes per hole and per round and the ability to compare scores against handicap.

The movements are also protected against the high impact nature of golf by a built-in shock absorber.


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