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Duckworth Prestex designs one-of-one editions for sale only at British Watchmakers’ Day

British Watchmakers' Day takes place on Saturday, 9 March, at Lindley Hall in Westminster.

Duckworth Prestex is making sure it gets the most out of the upcoming British Watchmakers’ Day by producing a collection of 10 watches in different colours that will only be available to buy on the day of the event.

They are all unique, with only one of each colour being made.

The first British Watchmakers’ Day, organised by the Alliance of British Watch and Clock Makers, takes place on Saturday, 9 March, at Lindley Hall in Westminster.

Currently the event has 42 brands signed up to take part, many of which are making special edition watches for the event.

In the case of Duckworth Prestex, each of the 10 watches has a dial carrying the name British Watch & Clock Makers.

The company’s founder Neil Duckworth came up with the design after noticing that British Watch & Clock Makers is comprised of 24 letters, which he has arranged in two concentric circles of 12 that double up as hour markers.

“The result is surprisingly neat and symmetrical. At first glance, it’s not immediately obvious that there is anything different to this watch, as the human eye is used to seeing numbers or Roman numerals – and that is what the brain is expecting. But only on further inspection does the true nature of the hour markers become apparent,” Mr Duckworth explains.

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The 10 dial colours are black, white, dark blue, light blue, green, lilac, pink, orange, yellow, and burgundy.

They come in the steel 39mm cushion-shaped case used for Duckworth Prestex Rivington and Verimatic lines and are sold on a range of leather or fabric straps in colours complementing the dials.

Priced at £950 each, they use mechanical Miyota 9039 automatic movements.

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