DuBois et Fils offer retailers cut of direct sales


Swiss watch maker DuBois et Fils has launched an innovative take on the ‘click and collect’ retail concept that includes its retail partners in direct sales.

The Swiss brand, that has previously sold shares in the company online as well as using crowdfunding to finance a new collection, is now individually listing every numbered timepiece it produces on its website.

Visitors can then see where that specific example is located anywhere in the world, whether it is with a retail partner or being offered for sale directly by DuBois et Fils. If the specific watch sold is with a retailer then the sale is attributed to that store, which then dispatches it direct to the buyer.


The concept also prevents the direct sales element of the business model from leaving its retail partners out in the cold with retail partners profiting from any direct sales made from their region. So if a potential customer uses the services of a bricks and mortar retailer to inspect a watch, but then orders directly from DuBois et Fils the retailer still benefits financially.

It is thought that the innovative idea is still a concept, as although the system is currently functional on the DuBois et Fils website, WatchPro.com could not identify any examples of retailers listed.


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