Design classic QLOCKTWO timekeeper gains traction in the UK


QLOCKTWO is already a cult classic in Germany, home to its creators Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk, and has a growing legion of fans in the UK where it is distributed by The Devoy Group.

For those unfamiliar with QLOCKTWO, it is a unique style of timekeeper that displays the time in text lit up within a grid of letters that looks just like a word search puzzle.

The square matrix of 110 seemingly randomly arranged letters are assembled into words by illuminated surfaces. They describe the time in five-minute increments while four luminous dots in the corners ensure that the time is displayed to the minute.


Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk.

Described as more of an art installation than a wall clock, the design was already gathering a following when, in 2013, a 5 ton version measuring over 5 metres squared, was displayed at the Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Design in 2013.

In more than a decade since it was first created, QLOCKTWO has won more than thirty international design awards and has been regularly updated with new sizes and materials. The grid of letters and how they display the time has also been translated into over 20 languages.

Although wall clocks can cost as much as £55,950 for the largest 1.8m squared models in precious materials, they can also be bought for as little as £1,050.

The current portfolio includes a version with an alarm clock, QLOCKTWO Touch, a desk clock as well as a wristwatch collection in two sizes, QLOCKTWO W35 and QLOCKTWO W39.

The desk clocks start from £395 to £1,335 and the watches start from £595 to £1,040.

They are already on sale in the UK at Goldsmiths, Selfridges, CW Sellors and other leading retailers.


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