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Rob Corder, co-founder and editor-in-chief of WatchPro.

CORDER’S COLUMN: The case for artificial intelligence at Watches and Wonders

I've forgotten how to navigate because of satnavs - now I need technology's help to remind me of all the people I have met in the watch industry.

All the talk this morning is of heritage, history and icons from the past at Watches and Wonders, but it is a leap into the future that is on my mind.

Thousands of watch executives and media types are attending, most of whom, if they are from Switzerland, the UK or USA, I have met, sometimes interviewed and in a lot of cases enjoyed some entertaining lunches or evenings.

In over a decade of reporting on the watch business, there are hundreds of people I wish I could recognise on sight and recall previous conversations I’d had with them.

This is why I need facial recognition and artificial intelligence to help me make the most of my week at the show.

I would, of course, look like a prat walking around in a set of Apple Vision Pro goggles, but they would give me an incredible advantage.

People might struggle to recognise me as I come towards them in the show halls, but I would recognise them, be reminded of their names and positions within companies and even get a brief history of when we have previously met.

Artificial intelligence would prioritise the people who are most important in the industry and to me: great retailers, our loyal advertisers, top brass at the leading watch brands.

It would be transformative for me, and make a genuine difference to my Watches and Wonders experience.

Another thing

Finally, I would like to pay tribute to the organisers of Watches and Wonders for the expansion of the show to a mezzanine floor, which has created space for an extra ten brands this year, a new press room and a different location for the auditorium.

More importantly, it has introduced a second entrance to the exhibition which, coupled with access passes on our phones, has greatly improved and sped-up the process of entering the halls.

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